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Hello Beautiful Soul,

Welcome, I'm so glad that you exist and that you found me. Rainbow Alchemy LLC is home to:

Sonic Sorceress, Full Spectrum Retreats & Rainbow Alchemy Design Co. Here you'll find: Custom dyed clothing available for purchase, retreats available to book and PNW sound healing and Yoga offerings specifically tailored to include as much magic, support and healing opportunities as possible. WEBSITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION- please stay tuned for the store. Retreats are LIVE.



Just for today, do not worry,

Just for today, do not anger,

Honor your parents, teachers and elders,

Earn your living honestly,

Show gratitude to EVERY living thing.

What I do... and why I do it...

"If you wish to understand the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

-Nikolas Tesla


My name is Sara Corbishley and I'm a ERYT 500, YACEP Yoga teacher and Alchemical Sound Healer, retreat organizer and color wizard.


Crystal Tones® Alchemy™ Singing Bowls: My bowls contain Palladium, Rose Quartz, Aqua Aura Quartz, 24 K. Gold, Celestite, Super 7, Sunstone, Indium and the purest Quartz found in the United States....99.9% Quartz. 

These bowls act as amplifiers, calibrating your vibration and intensifying the healing available, offering deep healing of the aura, chakras and akashic records while flooding the brain with Delta, Theta and Alpha brain waves.

Sound Healing can be a beautiful, relaxing experience. A personalized or custom group session is an opportunity to release, receive, process, feel and let go, all while being supported by healing crystalline vibrations.


It can also be uncomfortable, as healing often is.

Reiki helps balance the energetic body and brings the physical body back into a state of equilibrium. It is an intelligent energy that, like sound, goes where it's needed without any effort from the recipient. 

Combining these modalities, I hold space for your body-mind-spirit while the Reiki and sound do what's needed on a deeply cosmic level. 

 I also work with a Paiste Planetary Neptune Gong

and a chakra set of full moon Nepalese 7 metal bowls.


 "Paiste Planet Gongs are tuned to the orbits of the celestial bodies in our solar system. These frequencies are made audible thanks to the groundbreaking work of Hans Cousto, author of the Cosmic Octave. What Neptune is teaching us is that the reality we experience is the reality we project onto the world. If we accept the truth of this notion, we create a reality that is compassionate and loving, and which considers the oneness of all human beings who coexist on the planet." -Gongs Unlimited

Join me for a group sound healing or retreat offering to experience the magic (and physics) of sound, vibration and frequency entrainment.

15+ years of creative magic:

I have worked with and for: Metro Parks Tacoma, Evergreen College, Samsarafest, WWNW, Three Trees Yoga, Source Yoga, SKY, Camp Bisco, Tuladhara Yoga, DJ DREZ, Darden Restaurants, Orchard Roots, Ananda Industries, Annie Wright Schools, Sensuous Revival, Palace Yoga, Good Karma Center for Joy + many more from Portland OR to Snohomish WA and in-between on the West Coast and NY, NH, MA, NJ, VT & ME on the East. Below are some images from wondrous past offerings and experiences so you can catch my vibe.

So who is the 'Sonic Sorceress' and owner/creatrix of Rainbow Alchemy LLC? 

"I believe that humans can do better. That we are better than the collective at current. I believe that we are divine, whole and holy. I believe that Earth is home and it's our responsibility to take care of her. I believe we are not separate from our Mother, Gaia and that by healing ourSelves- we help heal the collective.

I believe we have the power to heal. I believe that power lies within. I believe we are here to remember this, to rediscover our heart's ability to love deeply. I believe we do this in community. I believe the sacred practice of Yoga (all 8 limbs) will change your life when applied with constant practice and dedication to the path. I believe that sound and vibration are crucial pieces of Yogic practice and all the other beautiful instruments compliment and support each other, working together to open, release, free, align, recalibrate and tune-up the human mind-body-spirit.


We are meant to move from a space of compassion

and these practices help you find that within yourself and through out the world."

-Sara Corbishley 


I am one who has followed the inner knowing. Teaching and being trained in various modalities has continued to unlock pieces of myself that I know I am meant to heal and share. Below you'll find my professional credentials but you won't see the things I have overcome to become who I am on my heroine's journey. I am an open book when it comes to my own neurodivergence and how it has touched every realm of my life. I do what I do because I believe in resiliency, community, connection and above all, that WE ARE LOVE. Each of my chosen practices and businesses has been born from listening, following and knowing that the guidance I receive is both divine and precious. I am no different from you. We each possess the ability to connect with our own divinity and tune in to our intuition, but I am called to hold the torch, to help other's remember and to reflect back your own wisdom and magic in everything I create.


I am a trained fabric artist and during the pandemic and early motherhood put those skills back to work and founded my newest venture, Rainbow Alchemy Design Co.

I specialize in creating one of a kind (OOAK) Procion Fiber Reactive Powder Dyed pieces guaranteed to make you smile.

Mama made, heart fully created and truly, OOAK. So whether you're here for Yoga or sound or color magic, I've got you covered.

You'll find me teaming up with friends to offer events and reTreats that are truly intentionally and magically crafted and in my "spare" time creating with fabric and color to share my heart with the world, one piece at a time.

Training Credentials:

  • 200 hr. Three Trees Yoga 2014

  • Universal Life Church Ordained January 2015

  • 300 hr. Three Trees Yoga 2016-2018

  • The Art of Sound Healing I Oct. 2016

  • Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki I January 2017

  • Shamanic Energetics January 2017

  • Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki II January 2018 

  • The Art of Sound Healing II September 2018

  • Yandara Yoga Institute 100 Hr. Yin/Yinyasa/Restorative November 2018

  • The Practice of Energy Medicine and Shamanic Healing Level I and II w/ Ashera 2018

  • Awakening Your Soul’s Purpose: Healing Journey & Training in Shamanic Energy Medicine w/Ashera 2018

  • Vinyasa and Loving Kindness Intensive with Rolf Gates 2018

  • Y12SR w/ Nikki Myers June 2017

  • Transformation Meditation Instructor Certification 2016

  • Bhakti Yoga w/Girish & Janet Stone digital course 2019

  • 50 Hr. Yoga for Trauma, Anxiety, Depression and Body Image and w/Sara Ball, AUS 2021


We're here to welcome in a new Earth...

I trust that if you found me, we are meant to connect. Please reach out if you have questions or would like to work together. I am available for private or group work at a location you provide. I do need advance notice as I am a toddler mom, preferably weeks. I am picky about which gigs I commit to and they are limited based on current life circumstances and the amount of time and resources I invest in everything I touch.


Thanks for submitting!




Neurodivergent Womxn Owned
PNW based LLC.


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